Monday, October 6, 2008

TPR Hearing in the morning

Life has flown by since I last posted. We have had six placements since becoming foster parents. Growing so fast was a huge undertaking. I am proud of how we as a family handled all of the changes.
Currently we have four children at home. Our girls ages 6 and 2. Along with two children that joined our family through fostering. We where blessed with our first teen at the end on June a 16 year old girl. River is still with us his goal is now adoption and we are going to our second hearing in the morning.
His first hearing was postponed for a month because after being in care for 16 months his mom decided to try to get sober and work her case plan. Her efforts only lasted two weeks. In the seven months River has been with us she has only been able to attend two visits those where during the time she was sober. The last time we where in court her plan was to try to retain private council.
I have let the powers that be know that we are still willing to participate in an open adoption on some level. What I have come up with is to send photos to a P.O. Box quarterly. I'm not sure if that is something she can even maintain given her current situation.
I worry about her. Tomorrow is going to be a hard day. I hope that she shows up. I pray that she is safe.

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