Friday, October 10, 2008

plus 1

We are adding another teen to our family . She is 13 and waiting for someplace to call home. Her blog name will be Sunday. Sunday is currently living in a group home in the city. We had a family sit down to talk about the pros and cons last night and to my surprise even our 16 year old is on board. She spent two weeks at the same group home and wants to help out another child wanting to get away from that environment. She did not want me to pick up her bio sister from the same place when she disrupted from her foster home because of false allegations. She said it would be to much drama.
So the deal is we already committed to providing respite for our friends two toddlers for the weekend bumping us up to six children so we can not formally accept her as a full time placement until the boys go home on Sunday. Our caseworker is going to fax a release form to the group home so I can host her during daytime hours until Monday morning when she can formally be released to me. Our wonderful charter school has two eighth grade spots available so we will head over to the school on Monday for a tour and to get her enrolled.
The weekend should be interesting with seven children. I plan on only leaving the house for Soccer and Church.

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Nichole said...

Did you change your mind about the age of your placements? Just curious, I'm hoping to be able to foster soon and just wondered if they stuck to your original requests for placements