Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Placement Called!!!!

Placement called today at 2:00. They asked if we would be willing to take in a 19 month old boy. My DH works from home so we both got to hear his background information. My husband was nodding yes to me while I was talking. I told our placement coordinator I would call her back in a few minutes with an answer. Basically I hung up the phone asked my DH if he was ready to have children only two months apart our youngest is 21 months .
His blog name will be River. This will be his fifth move. From what I hear he is sporting a strawberry blond mohawk and has hazel eyes.
We will pick him up on Friday....

1 comment:

Yondalla said...

Very cool. Have fun chasing toddlers!

And five moves in 19 months. Poor dear. If you are wiling to share and I respect your decision if the asnwer is no, are any of those to bio-family and back? Or are they all moves inside the system?

The second kind are just more worisome is all.